/ Author: SPF

The Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts opened its doors last night to around 40 graduating students of Guernsey College of Further Education, in celebration of their success in their higher education qualifications, with family members and friends and invited guests there to support them. SPF Private Clients was proud to support the event. Guests gathered in the foyer, where they were welcomed by a drinks reception, sponsored by SPF.

Many of the students wore formal graduation attire, and the pride and excitement of their family and friends created a great atmosphere.

Students and guests made their way to the presentation hall, and were welcomed by Louise Misselke, Principal. Louise opened the ceremony by congratulating all of the students on their admirable successes.

Proceedings were then handed over to Faculty Director, Lorraine Barker. As HE lead for the college, Lorraine explained how the HE provision is an extension of the college offering and that it has been driven by the local business communities.

Emphasis was placed on the hard work and dedication of the students, touching on the fact that many of them have studied whilst holding down full-time jobs, raising children and dealing with unexpected life events.

Lorraine welcomed Guest speaker and Governor of the College, Soo Boalch, to the stage, describing her as ‘a good friend of the college’.

Soo expressed her admiration for the dedication and determination of the students, the passion and inspiration that the college staff provide by offering such a diverse range of subjects, and also admiration for the support from family and friends of the students.

The audience was treated to an inspirational speech from Soo, who described success as being based on two ingredients, great expectations and self-esteem.

Soo went on to explain that in order to be successful, you also require ‘vision’. “It is important to have vision, as it keeps you on track. It may seem hard at times, maybe even impossible, but if you hold onto your vision, you will be drawn back to this. With set goals in place teamed with determination, you will get to where you want to be,” she said.

Deputy Bailiff Richard McMahon concluded the ceremony by presenting the students with their qualifications, alongside Louise Misselke, who proudly called each student to the stage, to collect their hard earned certificates.

Deputy McMahon congratulated the students on their individual efforts and wished them all the best for the future.

Managing Director of SPF, Pierre Blampied was pleased to have been able to support the event. “We are delighted to continue to work with Guernsey College of Further Education which offers an excellent service to the island. We continue to be most impressed with the high standards both set by the lecturers and achieved by the students, and we are looking forward to the College having a site with facilities that reflect these standards and of which students and staff alike can be proud.”