/ Author: SPF

We’re delighted to be continuing our sponsorship of Guernsey Football Club former captain, Sam Cochrane and managed to catch up with him to ask a few questions about himself and how he feels the season will play out.

1) How old are you and what position do you play?

31 and Central Defender

2) How long have you been in GFC?
I was the first player to sign for Guernsey Football Club when it was formed in 2011.

3) Do you feel confident about this upcoming season and do you think promotion is a possibility?
I am confident we can make significant improvements on last season. Guernsey FC is unique in many ways and our achievements hinge on the consistency of our playing squad. If the management and coaching team have the quality of footballers available to work with on a regular basic we have the potential to compete for a place in the playoffs and fight for promotion.

4) Last season we saw a loanee arrive from Bristol City, this season a goalkeeper from Bournemouth FC. Do you think this as a positive development for the club and the fans?
I believe the loan players we have recently had available are a positive to the club as a whole. A few seasons ago my thought process would of been different.

The challenges of keeping players focused and committed is always tough in the amateur Guernsey FC environment. We have seen many younger players come in then fade away which is difficult to manage and for myself as a player to understand. The club need to always try and get the balance right, 72 players have played for Guernsey FC since the clubs formation in 2011.

The opportunity for Guernsey footballers to aspire to the top level of football will always be available and the local football clubs and the Guernsey Football association do a fantastic job in coaching and developing players to be the best they can. We will always have the difficulties of player availability and there will always be a small pool of players with the ability, mentality and ambition to play for Guernsey FC. With all the above considered and where the football club is seven years down the road, loaning players at the right times is hugely beneficial to everyone associated to the club and exciting for our fans.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to these questions and to give a small insight into Guernsey Football club. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to SPF for their continued support after a number of years sponsoring me to play for Guernsey Football Club.