/ Author: SPF

2023 has been another year in which SPF Private Clients have been proud to support a variety of initiatives at The Guernsey Institute (“TGI”).

TGI is a hugely important part of Guernsey’s educational landscape, providing post-16 vocational qualifications for a wide range of subject areas and giving an alternative to off-island and university education.

It plays a vital role in the promotion and execution of apprenticeship programmes, creating invaluable pathways for individuals to gain hands-on experience while acquiring formal education. These apprenticeships bridge the gap between academia and real-world applications, addressing the demand for skilled labour and fostering a culture of continuous learning, which enriches the Island’s economic landscape.

As a provider of vocational and professional courses, TGI also serves as a cornerstone for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals keen to pursue careers in commerce and finance (and, of course, other areas). Through its Business courses, TGI offers a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business practices, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a dynamic market. This is what attracted SPF Private Clients to become involved and to continue to support TGI and its students.

Our annual Kitchen Challenge has Business students teaming up to create a two-course meal for the judges. Delicious as this is for us to sample, it’s not really about the food! It’s designed to test the students’ skills in leadership, teamwork, organisation and creativity.

The Dragon’s Den Event that we sponsor too is a great way for individuals studying Sport to harness and hone their commercial mindset whilst working in a team. Students have to develop business ideas and pitch them to the judging panel. They need to consider everything from market research and product development through to marketing and sales. It’s a fantastic way to give young people a glimpse into how entrepreneurship works whilst challenging them to think creatively and practically.

Having seen students grow and develop through these and other challenges, we are also privileged to sponsor the annual Higher Education Celebration and Awards event. This is an opportunity to congratulate those students on their achievements in qualifications at Level 4 and above, and give recognition for all their hard work, which is often undertaken around their job, as well as family life.

From our perspective it is not only hugely rewarding to watch as students progress, in some cases joining the workforce in our industry, but it is also tremendous fun and keeps us in touch with the next generation of Islanders.

We look forward to continuing our support in 2024.