/ Author: SPF

This month’s discussion on BBC Radio Guernsey was packed full of great revelations. Matt Brouard from Cooper Brouard said that they had been busy pushing though plenty of sales before the summer holidays and have a number of large Open Market properties that have just sold with another large sale on the go. Matt brought along the details of one particular property, a beautiful Victorian Villa located in the Vale by Bordeaux, with concealed entrances through to a modern extension and a secret doorway disguised as a bookcase hidden in the attic that leads to a massive storeroom, which is very atmospheric and Harry Potter-esque.

Matt also described the new brewery site for us in detail. He described the stunning views that can be seen from every floor (including the ground floor) and the price range for the Local Market penthouses which start at around £900K. However, you’ll have to wait a little longer if you want to take a tour around the site as it is still hard to access with all the builders working hard to get the project completed on time by the end of August.

Steve Williams was also pleased with how things were progressing for the Guernsey Housing Association, with a lot of new buyers moving into the completed Warry’s development. He was also very positive about the new German bunker site, next to the arsenal in St Saviours. This is the first time since the 90’s that the GHA will be able to offer homes in that parish. Lastly he was able to say that the cafe at Nouvelle Maritaine is back, with new management, and reopened on Friday.

Pierre stated that Barclays continues to do great work. They are doing a lot of lending and are still the top lender for house purchases this year due to competitive interest rates and excellent system. He re-iterated banks are keen to lend.

A general discussion ensued regarding the KPMG review and it was felt by all parties that the States needed to act quickly as opposed to procrastinating. Pierre commended Deputy Barry Brehaut for engaging with industry but the problem remains the machinery of government.