/ Author: Hamilton Brooke

SPF Volleyball – Both Teams Fall to Last Season’s Champions

Both SPF Men and Ladies Volleyball teams lost to last season’s champions in the opening week of the Guernsey Volleyball Indoor Season. Bad luck saw SPF Men take on last season’s winners, Spike Tyson, while the Ladies played Nashcopy, who dethroned previous winners Revivals to take the 2021-22 season title. Unfortunately, both teams took hard losses. Both SPF teams continue to work hard though and are adamant that they will give their opponents a tougher time when they next meet on the court.

Match Report – SPF Ladies vs Nashcopy, 3rd October 2022

It was the first game of the season for the SPF Ladies on Monday 3rd October, taking on well-established team Nashcopy. It may have been a shorter game than all had hoped with Nashcopy taking the first set with a score of 25-5. There were however some strong rallies and passes from middle Heather Ewert, with setter Nat Gaudion showing great commitment in getting the ball to the hitters.

The SPF Ladies may fought harder in the second set however, despite their efforts, it wasn’t enough to secure a third set against Nashcopy who won the second set 25-11.

SPF ladies coach Robbie Le Messurier, reflected on the match.

“It was a tough loss in a very one-sided game in which we were missing a few of our more experienced players. We fought well in our rallies but struggled massively on serve receive.

The good thing is that we know exactly where to focus our training over the coming weeks. It’s just the first match of the season and I’m confident the team can be much more competitive in the future.”

SPF Ladies lost to Nashcopy

25 – 5

25 – 11

Most valuable player: Nat Gaudion


Heather Ewert

Nat Gaudion

Tori Toumazi

Fran Babbe

Andrea Guillou

Tari Mutisawa

Match Report – SPF Men vs Spike Tyson, 3rd October 2022

SPF took an early lead in the first set with smart shots to the spaces on their opponent’s side of the court. They were unable to consolidate their lead due to several service errors. SPF started their three junior players Alex, Tahmid and Harry who did an admirable job of fitting in with the senior players. Unfortunately Spike Tyson with their roster full of experienced island players, had few weaknesses for SPF to exploit. They pulled away in the first set and won 25-17.

The second set SPF brought on experienced players Baines and Pete. Along with strong middle play by Matt, they brought stability to the team. Unfortunately SPF struggled to put the ball on the ground. Robbie and Jack hit on the left side but Spike Tyson got many block touches which allowed them to transition, scoring all-important break points.

The third set was going much the same way, an obvious gulf in ability between the two teams. There was a turning point where Alex came off the bench as a serving specialist to score to aces and shift the momentum. He demonstrated impressive calm under pressure for such a young player. Ultimately SPF could not really compete and Callum Hockey scored an impressive spike from back court to win the match.


SPF Private Clients Ladies lost to Spike Tyson

25 – 17

25 – 16

25 – 20

Most valuable player: Jack Nurdin


Robbie Le Messurier

Matt Ashworth

Joe Baines

Jack Nurdin

Tahmid Rahman

Alex Guillou

Pete Guilbert

Harry Swain