/ Author: SPF

The latest States’ Property Prices Bulletin reports that Guernsey has had the highest number of second quarter transactions in 7 years, with sales up by 25% against 2018.

Whilst this means that average property prices have also increased, up 4.2% against the same time last year, it not just good news for sellers.

Buyers are benefitting from a wider choice of realistically priced properties with sellers who are keen to complete quickly, and the really good news is that mortgage rates have just dropped, helping to make purchases more affordable.

Jez Robin, SPF Director and Mortgage Expert explains “the changes in the retail mortgage rates aren’t as a result of the Bank of England adjusting the interest rate but rather because it is now such a fiercely competitive market for mortgages that lenders are doing all they can to provide the very best rates and attract your business.”

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