/ Author: SPF

Ethan Brehaut, sponsored by SPF, produced a fantastic performance at the most recent Motocross meeting, crossing the line in 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the Championship races, followed by a well-deserved 2nd place overall in the Grand Final.

A couple of mistakes cost Ethan a better result in the first race, finishing fourth, however, he ironed out the problems in preparation for race 2 which was pleasing to see, managing to hold off another rider for the entire race to finish second and only a wheel’s distance away from first. In the third race Ethan started at the back of the pack and made his way up to third, pushing for second, however, he was unable to make a pass late in the race and had to settle for third.

Finally, in the Grand Final, starting in third position he made an early pass into second place and battled throughout and into the closing stages to claim second place overall.

Well done Ethan.