/ Author: SPF
It was positive news all round from latest Guernsey Radio appearance of MD Pierre Blampied.
Steve Williams from Guernsey Housing Association reported that a number of their properties being ready to be moved into and encouraged those wanting to get on the partial ownership list to apply now. It takes an average of two years to get to the top of the list, dependent on the type of home needed, but it’s a great way for islanders to get on the property ladder and only a short hop from there across to the private sector.
Matt Brouard from Cooper Brouard said that property sales were up by about 10% on last year and about 25% on two years ago which is also good news.
Pierre was able to add to the upbeat mood of the afternoon advising that SPF’s exclusive arrangement with Barclays, though not strictly speaking the new lender that John Randall wanted to hear about, it is in effect the same thing. Representing a new lending stream, and at very attractive rates of 1.99% for a 90% 2 year fixed rate mortgage.
He added that in spite of the Bank of England base rate increase of 0.25%, Lloyds had also reduced their rates and with Skipton relaxing lending criteria it was a good outlook for borrowers.
One small fly in the ointment that both Pierre and Matt flagged up was the inactivity surrounding the KPMG housing report. Matt was keen that data should be at the very least kept up dated as a valuable resource. Pierre would like more action, specifically with regards to helping first time buyers.