/ Author: SPF

SPF Women’s Volleyball Match Report

29th October 2021

Game no. 2, SPF Women vs. Tigers

SPF win by 3 sets to 0; 25-13, 25-9 , 25-13

Players: Fran Babbe (outside hitter), Heather Ewert (middle hitter), Nat Gaudion (setter), Hannah Guilbert (setter), Laura Gherman (middle hitter), Cat Tyrell (outside hitter)

Most valuable player: Heather Ewert

SPF Private Client Women celebrated their second game on Friday 29th October with a confident win over Tigers. The first set got off to a good start with Fran Babbe securing some early points with her outside hitting and deep volleys down the line. Nat Gaudion then pushed the team on into an early lead through a consistent serving run combined with great defensive play from Hannah Guilbert and Laura Gherman in the back court. Tigers scored a short run of points, however, at side out Heather Ewert served a stunning ace and went on to deepen the lead with a run of serves. Tigers responded with several free balls, which were easily defended, and points won by some well-placed topspin outside this from Cat Tyrell.

The second set started well with further consistent serving and great defensive play. Hannah Guilbert set a perfect ball for Heather Ewert who spiked it down the line to side out, and with SPF playing well defensively, the pressure was put on Tigers who made several unforced errors leading to a decisive 25–09 set score.

The third set saw further steady play from SPF with runs of service from Laura Gherman and Fran Babbe. Good defensive play enabled great sets from Nat Gaudion and Hannah Gilbert and led to winning hits from Heather Ewert and Cat Tyrell. Solid teamwork ultimately resulted in a decisive win over Tigers.