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A loss and a BIG win!

Monday 17 October saw the SPF ladies taking on Itchyfeet and ~Naschopy in back-to-back games.

SPF Ladies vs Itchyfeet 17 October 2022

This was SPF Ladies first match against Itchyfeet this season.

SPF started with serving and got the first point, unfortunately for them, Itchyfeet followed this up by getting 7 points in a row, giving them an amazing head start. All round the team morale was high however and the SPF ladies fought hard with some fantastic serve receives and free balls back over the net.

SPF ladies managed to get their points up to 17 but ultimately lost out on the first set. They didn’t let this get them down however and with a couple of subs they got stuck back in. Natalie Gaudion got in some tactical serves, setting the ladies up for a few good rallies.  Outside hitter Tori Toumazi received player of the match which was well deserved as she chased the ball providing some fantastic passes to the setters. Unfortunately, Itchyfeet took the win in the second set with a powerful service run that pushed them up by 10 points.

All in all, although this was a loss, it was a fantastic game all round and the team should be proud of themselves!

SPF Ladies lost to Itchyfeet

25 – 17

25 -12

SPF Ladies vs Nashcopy 17 October 2022

Now, as you may recall, in the first game of the season, last season’s Ladies League winners Nashcopy took SPF down in two sets, with a measly 5 points in the first set and 11 in the second. After that game it’s fair to say that team morale was low… but SPF Ladies came into this game with a fighting spirit and warmed up bodies warm (from their first game of the evening) and played what has undoubtedly been their most impressive game ever!

The first set was close the whole way through with both teams’ points increasing at a steady rate, but Fran Babbe provided the ladies with a spectacular service run that boosted the teams score up to 23! Setter Sophie Warren had some powerful back court hits and Tori Toumazi showed incredible commitment in getting to the ball and setting it to Andrea Guillou for some cracking hits. This first set was a testament to their training and respect for each other as the ladies were working together and communicating well, winning the first set 25-23.

Set two and optimistically fresh from their win in the first set, slightly tired but showing no signs of slowing down! The Ladies received serve on the second set, which is usually to their disadvantage however they broke that serve down after one point and again the team’s scores were close throughout the second set! Middle Heather Ewert providing some incredible passes to the setter and outside hitter (and court captain) Kirsten Haggart getting those (and some free balls) back over the net to secure points. Nashcopy were nervous, and the SPF ladies forced them to take a timeout and sub on Jen Linfield, however newcomer Tari Mutisawa didn’t let that interruption break her service run and the ladies scored the final points, securing the second set and SPF Ladies first win of the season!

A phenomenal win for the team, so much so that the Men’s game that was being played on the neighbouring court joined in with the celebrations!

“I am immensely proud of our ladies for getting their first win, especially against such a strong opponent” said Coach Robbie Le Messurier. “A lot of our players are relatively new to the sport, but they understand that to achieve anything, they need to play as a team, and they are a brilliant example of this. They train together, socialise together, lose together and now they’ve won together as well. Their moment of victory was an amazing sight.”

SPF beat Nashcopy

25 – 23

25 – 20


Fran Babbe

Heather Ewert

Natalie Gaudion

Andrea Guillou

Kirsten Haggart

Tari Mutisawa

Tori Toumazi

Sophie Warren