/ Author: SPF

After their first match of the season two weeks prior, SPF mixed had certainly warmed up to this season’s challenge and were ready to take on Bruisers in their second ever match as a mixed team. It was a strong start for SPF with Sophie and Nat setting strong middle balls to the front line attacker Harry. He pushed these balls into the corners, out of Bruisers reach, proving all the three touch practice in training is paying off.

Bruisers sent a few balls back over on two taking SPF by surprise and causing a few unforced errors as they reached the middle of the first set. Strong serving from Nat brought SPF back into the game, with JJ dominating with both strong hitting and blocking, forcing Bruisers to scramble to get the ball back over.

SPF won their first set of the season 25-18.In the second set, Tahmid took to the court and started strong with some excellent hitting into the backcourt corners. Heather had an accurate pass to Sophie, setting the team up for some excellent three touch volleyball. Bruisers had upped their game though and made SPF fumble some passes to draw even at 10-10. SPF dug deep (pun intended) and secured the win 25-20 after some phenomenal front court hits from Alex.

SPF won against Bruisers

Heather Ewert
Nat Gaudion
Sophie Warren
Alex Guillou
JJ Paes
Tahmid Rahman
Harry Swain