/ Author: SPF

SPF Mixed v. Tarion Trust 24 October 2022

It was a big night for SPF mixed as the team brought out their untried and first ever outing of their 5-1 offence, with Sophie seeming to have completely mastered the new formation with only one session of training. This new rotation proved to work in SPFs favour in set 1, allowing Baines to get in some solid hits into the back corners which Tarion struggled to return. Kirsten came out strong with some incredibly accurate service reception straight to our setter, allowing Alex some brilliant top spin hits. SPF made very few unforced errors, with most errors occurring after the ball was returned on first or second touch, something they hadn’t spent much time on in training. SPF proved the stronger team in the first set winning 25-16.

In the second set, there was fantastic court coverage from JJ, with Tahmid and Harry coming on court to score from some impressive spikes. Unfortunately SPF seemed to have lost some of their mojo, and with Tarion all warmed up after their first set defeat, it was a nail biting finish where Tarion took the set 22-25.

Their first third set of the season, only going to 15 points, the pressure was on for SPF. After Tarion began pulling ahead in the first 8 points, coach and team captain Robbie came on court and brought the team up to scratch with some excellent coverage and brilliant middle spikes. SPF won the third set 15-13, also winning them the match.

SPF won against Tarion Trust

Joe Baines
Heather Ewert
Alex Guillou
Kirsten Haggart
KK Paes
Sophie Warren
Tahmid Rahman
Harry Swain
Robbie Le Messurier

MVP – Heather Ewert