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SPF Ladies v Itchyfeet SPF Ladies game against Itchyfeet really allowed them showcase how well their weekly training is improving their skills and increasing their confidence. Straight from the off, all SPF players were actively chasing the balls down in defence.

Improved communication during play gave SPF more chances to attack the ballin transition, putting the other team under pressure and lead to some long rallies. Rallies were relatively even.

As is often the case in volleyball the difference was made by break points from strong serving runs. When it comes to serving, few are better than Itchyfeet’s Carly Tucknott who opened up a lead, allowing her team to take the first set 25-17.Refusing to allow this to affect their mood SPF rallied in the second set. Nat Gaudion, setter and team captain ,ran a strong offence. Gaudion has worked hard this season to add to her setting repertoire and deployed the backcourt pipe. Heather Ewert played an essential part in this, running her middle route front court to create a decoy. Itchyfeet is, however, a squad loaded with strong island players. Any free balls were easily passed by Mella Mooney and Jenny Langlois. This allowed them to get their middle hitters Sophie Alder and Jen Morrisinto play who both possess a range of impressive shots.

Ultimately Itchyfeet won this set 25-13. The third set was a similar pattern to the first in that the rallies were won relatively evenly by the teams with service, and service reception, making the difference. Credit must go to Sophie Warren who defended well throughout, earningher the player of the match award. In the end Itchyfeet proved too strong and won the final set 25-15 to take the match in 3 sets. Despite losing to Itchyfeet, the SPF ladies managed to get some of their highest scores of the tournament this season which is a testament to not just the team but also coach Robbie Le Messurier and all of his efforts in organising the training sessions. Itchyfeet won 3 sets to 0:Set 1-25-17 Set 2-25-13 Set 3-25-15 SPF Player of the Match: Sophie Warren